HIKO and ZILLI have been good relationship more than 20 years.
Because both are family business, so we have come together with Mr. Alain Schimel, the president of ZILLI and his family.
Mr. Schimel always give us a warm welcome and sometimes share a joke with us.
We feel empathy with their principle "the finest garment in the world", and also an emotional connection with them.

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 We first met FEDELI at the men's trade fair Pitti Immagine Uomo, Florence.
Now FEDELI develops their collection widely, but at that time, they specialized in knit.
When we order, they always give us appropriate advice from their expert knowledge of materials and so on.
They are our good partner of many years.

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  • FEDELIスタッフ
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Teckno Monster

 One day, a man came to our shop from Italy.
He was Fedelico and said, "I want you to know our principle, craftsmanship and collection!"
He talked in glowing terms about Teckno Monster's ideas and history of the collection devoted artisan's superior technique and a lot of time.
His passion and pride for his work stirred our heart.

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  • ジャコモ社長の私物バッグ
  • 担当のフェデリコ氏と


 We encountered HettaBretz at the men's trade fair Pitti Immagine Uomo, Florence.
They exhibited a crocodile blouson attracting people's notice.
Surely, the leather's thinness, lightness and softness is a top quality.

We have known each other for some years, but it's first time to have dealings in 2015.
Giulio, a staff member of HettaBretz happened to meet at a restaurant and talking with us,
we became having good relationship.

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