Vicuna is the most precious fiber on the market and it is derived from the fleece of a protected species of camels living on the Peruvian Andes.
The vicuna fiber is peculiar for its diameter of 12 micron, being therefore even thinner than cashmere.
Its preciousness comes from the reduced quantity of wool that an adult animal of this species can produce:
about 250 grams of fiber every two years, which are reduced to only 120 grams after shearing and selection.
The fleece coming from 25-30 adult animals is needed in order to manufacture a vicuna coat.
This means that the necessary manufacture needed to obtain a single, long fiber can be compared to real art.


"Super 〇〇's " means the fineness of a wool fiber.
That number becomes higher, the fiber is finer.
Generally, high-quality fabric is made of
Super 150's wool or so.
Surprisingly, ZILLI makes suits with Super 180's to over 200's.
FEDELI makes high-gauge sweater made of Super 160's wool, it is so rare about knit.


Cashmere is an extremely refined fiber obtained from a particular type of goat called hircus.
The name comes from Kashmir, the first region where the exports of this precious material towards Europe started at the beginning of the XIX century.
Nowadays the animals live in the mountainous areas of Asia where climate conditions and temperature leaps between night and day favour the development of the duvet of the undercoat of the goat, which is the finest and thinnest ( 15 micron ).


Silk is made from the fiber produced by the silkworm.
It is said as "the second skin" because both silk and skin consist of protein.
Silk can control the humidity and is thermal, so you can wear it all the year round.
ZILLI makes water-repellent silk blousons and coats.
Ties of ZILLI are made of high-quality thick silk.
Its moist feel, gloss and beautiful color fascinate us.


We select crocodile leather articles made of prosus, small crocodile and niloticus.
These have balanced fine scales and softness like a cloth.
Making shoes need to use two similar hides considering its size, quality and a region.
It organaize the beautiful shoes with symmetry scales.


Giza 45 is a precious type of cotton, obtained from the manufacturing of the wads from a selected type of plant
grown exclusively in limited areas of the Nile estuary, and it is so exclusive to be also known as "Queen of Egyptian cottons".
This exclusiveness of the raw material is accompanied by the manufacturing of the wad, whose collection is rigorously handmade.
The characteristics that make the yarn so precious are basically structural: besides a remarkable length, fibers stand out for their thinness:
their micronaire is the finest in the world.
The union of these characteristics, together with high resistance to rips and a shiny look that makes it look like silk, inevitably make it a niche product.