Since 1960, HETTABRETZ has imagined, drew and created masterpieces to wear with the unmistakable style which let Italy become so famous all over the world.
The mission is to create extraordinary clothes that talk about magnificience, craftmanship and research of marvel.
Spreading culture and wellness, searching the highest quality and the uniqueness of the product, the international vision, the ethics and corporate flexibility are the keypoints of Hettabretz's work, since the foundation day.

Thanks to the love for culture and art beside the creation of this amazing and 100% Italian maison, Hettabretz had rapidly grown beyond the Italian country, and reached the heart of the international aristocracy and jet set.
During the Eighties, Hettabretz extended its production, creating the first MAN collection, dedicated to customers asking for exclusive garments and unique pieces.
This collection was made choosing the most precious materials such as alligator, crocodile, python, perforated nappa, light cashmere, vicuna and silk.

The brand, year by year, growth and evolved maintaining a perfect balance between a contemporary style and a deep love for the tradition of its Italian heritage.