BARRETTcraftsmanship of truly exclusive and excellent items

Barrett was established in Parma, Italy in 1917.
After the foundation, production continued to expand to quite significant quantities but this never affected the company's commitment to craftsmanship of truly exclusive and excellent items.
Italy's leading stores became Barrett customers and the brand was soon established with even the most demanding clientele as it was increasingly acknowledged and appreciated as one of the very few national manufacturers of luxury crafted footwear.

Since their foundation, Barrett has been a first-class male footwear label.
Professionals, entrepreneurs, several Italian presidents, famous authors, actors and the most memorable and loyal of them all, Marcello Mastroianni, bought Barrett and in many cases only Barrett.

Barrett can boast almost a century in the business and is one of the oldest and most prestigious footwear manufacturers in Italy and abroad.
Barrett is actually one of the few companies to produce completely handcrafted shoes using the finest materials and techniques.
The company always has available for its production line a store of over 80 lasts and more than 3,500 styles, including both vintage and current collections, manufactured with traditional techniques: Norvegese, Blake-Rapid, Goodyear, loafer and, of course, the "slip-lasted Bolognese", which has pride of place in the catalogue, promising exceptional softness and flexibility.